Our Mission

Our mission is to help mankind live a life largely free from sickness and disease.

Our Vision

“In order to live a life largely free from sickness and disease requires optimal conditions both internally and externally©” - Donna Detwiler

We are committed to raising the levels of awareness regarding the impact nutrition, diet and an active lifestyle has on preventing sickness and disease.

In addition to elevating the understanding of GM (genetically modified) foods and the associated dangers that they present to our health and the future of our food sources.

We also demystify the subject of supplements and nutritional genomics and the role they play in helping to keep us free from sickness and disease.

While accomplishing our goals we will affect a change to clean up our food supply chain, in addition to helping mankind live a life largely free from sickness and disease.  

Our Legacy

1 Global Alliance dedicates a percentage of our profit to fund the“1 Global Alliance Foundation.”  The mission of the Foundation is to supply natural food supplements to the undernourished in developing communities throughout the world. We can fill their bellies with rice to stave off hunger, but without the proper nutrients they are condemned to a life of mediocrity filled with sickness and disease.
In support of your decision to create dynamic health; we pledge to support your commitment by giving back to others as a legacy to that commitment … this is our motivation



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