1 Global Alliance recognizes and appreciates the hard work, dedication and support of each of our highly skilled and giving team.

These wonderful people, through their core passion to reach out and help others, contribute their support to help provide a global resource for access to accurate information.

They help moderate our forums and conference calls enabling you to have all of your questions answered.


    Kristy Lee Wilson

    For the past 8 years Kristy Lee Wilson has been performing as an acrobat with the world renowned Cirque du Soleil.
  • She has been an elite athlete for over 20 years, and is a former Australian National Champion.

    She has over 10 years experience as a nationally recognized gymnastics and trampoline coach, coaching numerous national champions.

    Kristy-lee currently has 15 fitness, nutrition, and coaching certifications, and is currently working on finishing her BS in Exercise Science.

    She is a highly sought after fitness professional who specializes in weight loss & nutrition, strength training, sports & performance enhancement, gymnasts, acrobats & stunt performers, core conditioning, women's fitness, youth fitness, & spinning.

    Kristy-lee is extremely dedicated to each of her clients and believes that 'success is just a matter of attitude'.

    This is a trainer who certainly has the background, knowledge, experience, and dedication that will get you the results you want!


    •NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer
    •NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist
    •Mad Dogg - Spinning Instructor
    •NASM - Certified Personal Trainer
    •ACSM - Certified Personal Trainer
    •IYCA - Youth Fitness Specialist
    •NESTA - Pilates Instructor
    •NESTA - Kids Nutrition Specialist
    •AFPA - Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist
    •Gymnastics Australia - Trampoline Sports Coach
    •Gymnastics Australia - Gymnastics Coach


    •Sports Nutrition
    •Strength Training
    •Sports specific
    •Kids nutrition
    •youth fitness
    •women's fitness
    •core conditioning
    •Gymnasts/Acrobats/Stunt Performers
    •Weight Loss / Weight Management


    Carol Whitaker

    Lifestyle Fitness Coach,
    Accomplished Writer,
    Fitness Model
  • Carol Whitaker is the go-to person for all aspects of becoming the best you can be in life; from fitness & wellness to love and fulfilling relationships.

    She is a dynamic speaker and a fitness enthusiast who entertains, inspires and enlightens audiences with her heartfelt advice on how to live an abundant life.

    With her fun, outgoing personality she is able to enrapture the hearts of her listeners. She “walks her talk” and is invigorated by inspiring people across the world to live a happier, healthier life by balancing the body, mind and spirit.

    Carol is a well known motivational speaker and accomplished writer.

    She is known for her powerful inspirational speeches that ignites passion for change. Her articles have been featured in magazines, web magazines and websites.

    Appearing on radio shows, conferences, seminars & webinars Carol teaches that everyone already has what it takes to create their dreams. She motivates individuals to take charge of their life.

    She teaches in a way that’s captures the heart and mind on how to improve the quality of life by making simple yet powerful lifestyle changes.

    As a successful entrepreneur Carol owns a custom home construction company, Garden Gate Homes & Design, LLC, which specializes in higher end homes.

    She and her business partner have been in business for several years, their motto is “Building Affordable Luxury.” Carol takes great pride and in building their client’s dreams.

    She loves assisting her clients from designing their house plans to interior design throughout the building process.

    Carol is a mother of three and is married to her best friend, Matthew. Her loving family is her greatest accomplishment. Her husband and children are her prize possessions.

    Even though she has struggled with chronic fatigue for many years she has accomplish her fitness goals and dreams. She exudes passion and optimism in all that she does.

    Carol is passionate about inspiring others. She lives life in the attitude of gratitude. She relaxes and renews by spending quality time with her family & friends, exercising daily, horseback riding, reading, writing and singing.

    Carol embraces life and is grateful for the many gifts and blessings in her life.


    Teresa Ginger Davis

    Teresa Davis considers herself a Nature Girl.
  • She was raised with the teachings of Ethnobotony, the ancient African study of plant life and how plants relate to all other aspects of life.

    She excelled in science as a child and majored in biology in college. Teresa also studied naturopathy and worked towards a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Health Science with Clayton School of Natural Health, now Clayton College. She earned certifications in Hemoglobinopathy Counseling and a NYS license in Emergency Medical Technology.

    Teresa, more commonly known as Ginger has been a long-time health advocate and educator. Through her company New Dynamic Aims, she offers public forums and private consultation on Preventive Health Education for individuals living with chronic health conditions and teaches Healthy Living for the Prevention of Diseases of Affluence (diabetes, hypertension and other related conditions).

    Ginger co-founded the International Preparedness Network and served as the organizations Program Director and Lead Health Instructor. Ms. Davis also serves as a Director of Outreach & Education with the Sickle Cell/Thalassemia Patients Network (SCTPN), Chair, Patient & Community Outreach Committee of the Sickle Cell Advisory Consortium (SCAC), and is a Member of the New York-Mid Atlantic Medical Home Committee (NYMAC) for the National Department of Health.

    Teresa Ginger Davis is a mother of three who spends much of her time mentoring youth and working with the charities she supports.


    Carol Wilson

    A multi-certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Group Exercise Instructor
  • Several years ago I gained almost 50 pounds. My journey to get back to a healthy size jump started my passion for health/fitness and my career. I understand the challenges you face.

    I develop custom workout/nutrition programs for one on one, couples, children or group clients based on their unique strengths, weaknesses/limitations, physical challenges and goals. I train clients how to properly implement exercises for optimum safety/results and track progress for program revision as necessary. I believe in healthy/clean eating and consistent appropriate exercise for sustained health and fitness. I am also available for wellness seminars/workshops, speaking engagements, and writing assignments. Let's get healthy together. Your place, my place, or on-line.

    Now Ask Yourself - What Are You Waiting For?

    Group Exercise Manager, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Experienced Group Exercise Instructor in several formats.

    Extensive experience in developing and managing exercise programs for multiple facilities.
    Experienced in planning/coordinating and management of fitness marketing events.

    •CPR/American Heart Association
    •Cycling (Johnny G & Reaction)

    •Urban Rebounding
    •Pilates Reformer (Balanced Body)

    Nutrition-Eating Clean
    •Resist-a -Ball
    •Pilates Barrel/Spine Corrector

    •Latin Cardio
    •Pilates Exo Chair

    Cardio Sports Kickboxing
    •Pilates Mat Evolved Core Training

    Abdominal Conditioning
    •Muscle Conditioning



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