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Hi I’m Donna Detwiler, my sincerest desire is to make a difference in your life and the lives of those you know and love. I am also a mother of three boys, and I believe my greatest gift is to help them create a life free from pain and disease, so that they can truly live life.
I grew up in Nottingham England, and in my early twenties I was faced with losing my much loved Grandfather to Alzheimer’s disease. I will never forget the last day that I ever spoke to him, or more correctly, that he spoke to me. I had been sitting beside him while we talked, he had not acknowledged that he knew me, in fact he hadn’t for a number of weeks. I began to describe a family event and said to him “Granddad I love you.” Suddenly he turned to me with such joy in his eyes and replied “I am Granddad aren’t I?” It was the last time he ever acknowledged that he remembered me.

I left that day with one thought in my mind; “if only I were wealthy enough to fund the research to find a cure for my Granddad.”
Fast forward a few years and I found myself in the field of supplements and preventative health. I realized as I began my research that I could fulfill my purpose, and that financial wealth had nothing to do with accomplishing my goals. Although it was too late for my beloved grandfather, who had since passed away, it was this experience that would be the catalyst for my passionate goal to help others live a life largely free from sickness and disease.
So I devoted the majority of my time investigating scientific research. Over the years I have had the great fortune of learning directly from some of the most respected doctors and scientists in the fields of nutrition, diabetes, obesity, genomics, vascular and cardio vascular health. I remember the immense time and effort that I spent to learn this information, and I am now able to share this knowledge with others.
I founded 1 Global Alliance on the principles of Knowledge, Health and Benevolence.
Knowledge: being defined as awareness, an acquaintance with the facts, which is knowledge of something gotten from personal experience or the study of it. This leads to belief... how do we decide to believe in something? Well, we either personally experience something or we learn of it.
I have learned of a set of logical steps that must happen in order for someone to truly take responsibility for a given subject to effect a change. The first step in this process is to become aware of the subject; the next step is to become educated on the subject, it is at this point that we can begin to adopt the principles of the subject. As we become confident about the subject, and have success, we begin to develop a passion for this subject. Ultimately leading to an expansion of responsibility for the subject by continually sharing the information with others…this is how we effect change.
When it comes to health, and how to create dynamic health, there is a lot of confusion out there. My goal is to help increase awareness and unravel the confusion, so you can create dynamic health for yourself and will encourage others to do the same.
Health: There are many meanings to health, spiritual health, mental health and physical health... I am defining health as freedom from pain and disease created through what we eat or don't eat.
Prepared with the knowledge you now may want the resources to take control of your health. My goal is to provide you with those resources, by forming alliances with companies that create products and services which foster health and do no harm. 
Benevolence: We’ve all heard “the more you give the more you will receive.” To me benevolence is an intention and an action. My intention is to do good, a lot of good, and the action is to give to schools and non-profits, in respect and admiration for their intention and action in doing good for others.
By uniting the many individuals whose aim is to educate and inform, uniting people through knowledge and communication, coupled with research and products from these facilitators of change, we will effectively change our food and drug supply chain. This impacts not only our own health, but also leaves a legacy of dynamic health to our future generations.
Please join me… and make a difference in your life and the lives of others.
-Donna Detwiler, Founder 1 Global Alliance, Inc
We Foster Health While Fund-Raising For Schools and Non-Profits



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