Bio: Donna Detwiler

Donna started life with a love for sports, participating in ice skating and gymnastics from an early age.

It was her passionate love of horses and the desire to compete in the field of Show Jumping, which would consume most of her childhood and early adulthood.

When she was only eight years old and learning to ride, a horse kicked her in the eye. This accident was severe, and caused extensive trauma which required a long and meticulous surgery to repair the damage, and to limit facial scarring.

Donna received her first pony from her parents at the age of nine. Over the years she spent all of her free time with her horses, having hours of fun, in addition to working hard with her trainer and competing in events around the United Kingdom.

At 18 Donna turned professional and rode for a local stable near her home town. It was here that Donna sustained her second major accident, at the age of 19, which would prove to be the end of her professional riding career.

During this competition one of her horses reared up and fell over backwards, landing on top of her; sitting down on her pelvis. Not only did she sustain numerous bone fractures to the pelvis, she also sustained severe muscle and ligament damage.

Due to the severity of this injury, a long recovery time was required. This recuperation precluded her from riding for a considerable period of time, causing her to lose her sponsorship.

This career loss would prove to be the catalyst for Donna’s passion for business. During her recovery, Donna founded her first company in England; a direct selling company. During this time she also pursued a love of singing; both writing and performing her songs at venues around the UK.

After moving to the USA in 1997, at the age of 31, she founded her second company; a full service distribution company to major grocery and drug store chains. In the five years as president and CEO, the company produced several million dollars in revenue.

In 2003 Donna was introduced to a company in the health and wellness industry. This company had the license to market products created by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen.

Becoming aware of the huge impact Dr. Allen’s research would have on humanity, in addition to drawing from her own results, Donna dedicated her time researching data in the fields of Nutrition, Obesity, Diabetes, Antioxidants and Free Radicals, Genetics and Nutritional Genomics.

These experiences were the catalyst for founding her third company, 1 Global Alliance, Inc.

Donna is committed to making 1 Global Alliance, Inc, and its subsidiaries a major influence cleaning up our food and drug supply chain, and to help humanity live a life largely free from sickness and disease.




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