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1Global Alliance, Inc. launched its community partnership giving back program to help further the goals of schools and  non-profit organizations, while fostering a healthier world. We achieve our goals by offering products and services, which foster health and do no harm, to the supporters and members of schools and non-profit organizations through our website.

Each and every product purchased by a supporter earns the non-profit organization a percentage of the sale price.

By uniting merchants who create products and services which foster health, with schools and non-profit organizations... through their vast network of members, affiliates, officers, supporters and beneficiaries and in conjunction with providing education to the community, we will positively impact the future health of mankind, protect our planet and our food source.

How it works

  • Our partnering merchants are displayed on our website.
  • Merchant's Products and services offered through our giving back program are purchased directly through our website or customer service.
  • Our extensive network of school and non-profit organization supporters generates large exposure of your products or service.
  • Customers are able to purchase products from a variety of merchants in one convenient location.

Our partnerships with our merchants are established through either a drop ship program; whereby our customers place their orders on our website and the merchant drop ships the products, or a wholesale program in which 1 Global Alliance, Inc. purchases and distributes the products to our customers.

Drop Ship

  • Customers place their orders through our e-commerce store.
  • Each order is automatically separated according to drop shipper.
  • Realtime orders are electronically sent to you the merchant, for fulfillment to the customer.


  • Customer returns for drop shipped products are returned to the merchant’s fulfillment center.
  • Cutomers receive reimbursement for any returned products from 1 Global Alliance, Inc.
  • Payments already made to the merchant by 1 Global Alliance, Inc. for products which are returned by a customer are either:

    i. Deducted from the following weeks invoice
    ii. Invoiced for credit.


  • All orders are batched weekly.
  • Orders placed Saturday through Friday are batched Friday evening.
  • Payments are made to you the following Wednesday.
  • 1 Global Alliance, Inc. retains any sales use tax
    charged and reports to the appropriate agency.
  • Payments are made to you for our cost of the
    products or services, plus any and all shipping charges for each order fulfilled by you.


  • Merchants who do not operate their own distribution or fulfillment, I Global Alliance, Inc. will purchase and distribute products from our fulfillment center.

Please contact us for details.

1Global Alliance, Inc. is committed to our alliances with those companies who chose to create products and services which foster health and do no harm making a difference in the lives of others.




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