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Receive recurring monthly revenue for your organization - while making a difference in the lives of others!!!

Joining is Free

It costs you nothing to participate. Instead, we give back a percentage of every product purchased through to your organization from a customer who supports your organization.

You can generate revenue on a variety of products and services which foster optimal health, and protect our planet. Products include organic foods and beverages, supplements, sport performance and fitness products, active lifestyle programs and Eco friendly products.

Each of our products returns a different percentage, on average the percentage ranges from 7.5% to 15% of gross sales.

Here’s How Our Community Partner Program Works

You generate revenue on the sale of all of our products and services from customers referred to us by your unique partner ID number at checkout, or from your banner link. In addition, EVERY customer who is not directly referred by one of our partnering non-profit organizations is required to select from our list of partnering non-profits to support.

What does this mean?

Customers who are referred to our website by one of our affiliate partners promoting, or customers who organically search and shop through must designate an organization to receive the contribution from their purchase, and their future purchases. This creates the potential of additional sales revenues for your organization from customers who are not initially direct supporters of your organization.

Recurring Revenue!

Many of our products are consumable, which means you keep earning revenue for your organization! Once you've referred a first-time customer you continue to earn commissions for as long as that person remains a customer. Each time a customer shops through your banner link, or enters your partner ID number at check out, you will receive a percentage of each product purchased.

What Could This Mean for Your Organization?

The totals below assume each customer purchases $100 a month in product (our actual customer average monthly purchases are much higher than this).

The illustration below assumes an average percentage contribution of 10%

10 Customers = $100/month OR $1200/year
50 Customers = $500/month OR $6,000/year
100 Customers = $1,000/month OR $12,000/year
500 Customers = $5,000/month OR $60,000/year

Reports and Contributions

All orders placed each month, by those supporting your school or non-profit, are compiled at the end of each calendar month. We provide you with monthly sales reports detailing customer purchases, percentages earned by product, total monthly contribution and historical data.

Payment Schedule

As each customer has 30 days to return a product to 1 Global Alliance, Inc. for a refund, we will deliver the non-profits’ percentage of all sale(s) on the fifteenth (15th) of the second month following the purchase date(s). Purchase date is defined as the date which 1 Global Alliance, Inc. receives full payment in immediately available U.S. Currency. For Example: If a product is purchased on August 31, affiliates percentage attributed to that sale would be sent by 1 Global Alliance, Inc. on October 15.

Two Options to Receive Payment

(1) You can choose to receive your contribution via PayPal® money transfer service. If you don’t already have a PayPal® account it’s free to sign up, and only requires an email address. We will pay you every month minus a $1 payment processing fee.

(2) We will mail a check to your organization.


You can rest assured by partnering with us, that we are committed to supporting your cause, and will become an active partner in your success. We will provide you with a dedicated support representative, who will assist you in all of your relations with 1 Global Alliance and your fundraising efforts. We'll provide you with a variety of marketing tools including images, buttons, banners, and text links, all containing your unique partner ID number.

Some Ideas to Let Your Community Know that We Support Your School or Organization.

• Add our “Banner Link” to your website or newsletter (just copy the code and have your webmaster insert it into your code)

• Place an announcement in your newsletter (we provide an editable format that you can download from our website).

• Send out a flyer. We provide an editable flyer you can download from our website.

• Hand out our “pass it on” cards. We will provide you for free, credit card size cards containing our website information and your partner ID number, so your supporters can just “pass on” the information and create even more support for your organization.

• Introduce us at your PTA or group meeting.

• We also provide samples of our products at your events. See the “Event Participation” page for more details.

• We also host community educational seminars and workshops. See our “Workshops” page for more details.

It’s Service After the Sale that Counts!

We are committed to being a global resource for access to accurate information and effective education on the many subjects which encompass achieving Optimal Health.

In addition to becoming a central resource for products, services and programs, all of which help foster optimal health, protect our planet and secure its’ resources for future generations.

You can feel good knowing that we exist because, and for, our customers. Our customers are you and I, our mothers, fathers, children, grandparents and friends. We exist to make a difference in their lives. There is NOTHING that is too much trouble, NO problem or concern too big, or too time consuming.

We don’t disappoint!

It's Fast and Easy

Simply fill out the application, and upon approval of your Partner status, you will receive access to your Partner account, including your unique Partner number, and information on how to get started.

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