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In the previous newsletter I highlighted the recent study from researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, which found that an Omega-3 fatty acid (which is an essential nutrient) deficiency ranked as Sixth highest killer of Americans.
Why could this be?
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Understanding This Could Save Your Life
When It Fails
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Are You Eating Your Fish?
How Much Omega-3 is Enough?
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Understanding This Could Save Your Life?
Nutrition itself is actually a series of processes (biochemical reactions) by which the body takes in nutrients and makes use of them for its survival, growth, and development. 
It begins with a biochemical reaction which is an "instruction and an action". This series of biochemical reactions is referred to as a metabolic pathway which is describing an orderly sequence of "instructions and actions" which create an end product.
Metabolic pathway:
"A series of individual chemical reactions in a living system that combine to perform one or more important functions" 

There are a very large number of metabolic pathways and this is referred to as the metabolic network. The metabolic network equals of all the end products (energy or new bodily material) produced by each metabolic pathway. 
Furthermore, the body must stay in "balance" which is referred to as Homeostasis. Our bodies are working constantly to keep the body functioning at an optimal level - in perfect balance.
There really is no argument here... it is what it is - that is just how organic matter was designed to survive!
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When It Fails
Every nutrient has a role to play in one or more of the metabolic pathways... so if we are missing nutrients there is a break down on some level!
It is important to understand is that for any nutrient that the body requires, there is a corresponding disease, ailment or condition (or many of them) that will develop if a person's body is deprived of that nutrient.
Evidence of sickness and disease caused through nutrient deficiencies
Scurvy, Beriberi and Pellagra are just a few examples of nutrient deficiency caused diseases. 
is the result of a lack of vitamin C; if it is not cured through the consumption of vitamin C, it is a fatal disease. Symptoms include swollen joints, inflamed and bleeding gums, weakness and nosebleeds to name a few. 
Beriberi is caused from a deficiency in the vitamin thiamine (vitamin B1). A myriad of health problems are evidenced from a deficiency of thiamine in the diet, ranging from weight loss, and paralysis, to heart failure and death. Unprocessed grains, legumes, Kale, Asparagus, along with other foods, supply thiamine to the body.
As severe as the effects of Beriberi are, it is also worth noting that when thiamine is administered to a person suffering from Beriberi, the symptoms begin to disappear within an HOUR!
Pellagra is the result of a deficiency of Niacin (vitamin B3) and results in symptoms of insomnia, dermatitis, diarrhea, mental confusion and dementia - to name a few. 
So why is Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency ranked as Sixth highest killer of Americans?
The Answer 
If you read the previous newsletter, you may remember that Omega-3's cannot be produced by the human body alone and so therefore must be provided through the diet. 
This deficiency leads to a breakdown in All the metabolic pathways requiring omega-3. And therefore, the goal of each of those metabolic pathways (meaning what the pathway was designed to produce in order to build and maintain life), cannot be accomplished.
Having an understanding of the metabolic network, allows us to better understand why a deficiency in omega-3, could lead to a break down in the functioning of the body and ultimately contribute to death.

Are you getting your EFAs?
Are You Eating Your Fish?
The most beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA, which come from the cold water fish. Flax seed oil, however, does produce ALA which can be converted into EPA and DHA. But the human conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA is slow, only a maximum of 15% of ALA from flax seed oil can convert to EPA and only 5%, if any at all, may convert to DHA.
Therefore, although flax seed has many benefits it is not recommended as a source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids.

DHA is the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid in the brain. It is critical that a fetus receives omega-3 fatty acids from their mothers during pregnancy for the proper development of the brain.
How Much Omega-3 Is Enough? 
Most countries recommend that adults consume at least 1-2 grams of Omega 3's (EPA+DHA) daily.
The international society for the study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) recommends the following amounts.
Infants 1-18 months:
32mg of EPA+DHA per lb of weight (a 30 lb infant = 960 mg) 
Children 1.5-15 years:
15mg of EPA+DHA per lb of weight (60 lb child = 900 mg) 
Teens 15+ years:
500 mg EPA+DHA, with a minimum of 220mg of each.
Most children are deficient in Omega-3's because they do not regularly consume fish rich in Omega-3.
Why Nordic Naturals?
Once we have established the critical need for Omega-3's and determined that we are not getting them from the foods we eat - then supplementation is a safe and effective way to ensure your body has these critical nutrients in order to create optimal health. and ensure that body can operate at an optimal level.
So how do you select the best product?

We chose Nordic Naturals based on our strict product selection protocol:
  • Ingredients; including (stabilizers)
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Research
  • Purity
  • Social responsibility

 In addition, many medical professionals and research institutions choose Nordic Naturals fish oil and fish oil blends. 

Nordic Naturals offers the world's finest Omega-3 fish oils from Norway. These award-winning formulas are pharmaceutical grade, doctor-recommended, and third-party tested, showing they are unsurpassed in purity, freshness, and taste, and are virtually contaminant free.  Nordic Naturals has been voted #1 for Purity, Freshness, Concentration, and overall Consumer Satisfaction.
You are important - give your body what it needs.
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